In games of chance and especially table games , dice are an institution. It is a game that always draws a crowd and produces repeated cries of excitement. There are endless options for betting; so many that it makes you dizzy. If you play online you can use the Internet to better understand the more complicated bets, and in the real world you have the help of the stickman .

One of the most popular craps bets is the Pass Line bet and it is so popular because the house edge is 1.41% . If you compare that to 5.28% in Roulette and 5.22% in Caribbean Stud, you understand why. But where do these house edge figures come from? You have to be a mathematical genius to work this out, and gambling guru Donald Catlin is exactly that.

Catlin explained that out of 1,980 dollar bets on the Pass line the average loss is $ 28. So the house edge expressed as a percentage is 100 × 28/1980 = 1.41%.

But when you see the fun and excitement on the faces of the players, you understand that the 1.41% don’t care about anyone. The only thing they are interested in is playing and having fun. If fun is not what you are looking for, but you want to try to make money instead, then betting in a game where your opponent has a 1.41% advantage in the long run is not the best strategy. But if the idea is just to have a lot of fun with minimal loss, 1.41% Pass Line is one of the best options you have.

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